Democratizing learning

The possibility to learn and get support for it are the basic human rights that should be enabled to all individuals on Planet Earth, regardless of time and space.

Shoulders of Giants

EdTech and R&D company from Finland that is purpose-driven to utilize major breakthroughs of AI and EdTech for the educational benefit of whole human kind. We bring the Giants of both private and public sector to make major disruptions in educational and business sectors.


We make scalable learning management reality to save resources of schools and time of educators.


Our AI tutoring platform SoG Co-Teacher is the middle-man between students and teacher that increases study motivation and decreases teachers' routine based work.


Governments and educators are lacking resources globally, while the needs for cost-effetive and personalized learning management has grown in virtual studies.


Our first AI-based software addon SoG Co-Teacher aims to decrease the amount of drop-out students and workload of teachers in schools. Co-Teacher is the middle-man to meet the needs of both parties in learning management.

SaaS Platform

Enables scaling and ease of access by being instantly available on any device regardless of time and space

Reduces teacher's workload

Chat bot takes care of answering students' routine questions related to their studies. Also saves teacher's time by helping to evaluate assignments faster.

Decreases drop-out rates

Guides students to the best practices in their studies by enabling efficient scheduling, 24/7 tutoring, and creation of study groups and deadline reminders.

Our Team

Employees are encouraged through Autonomy and Empowerment to become Giants in their work.

Elja-Ilari Suhonen
Marjanah Sadiq
COO | Vice CEO
Joona Tontti 
Pete Stockely
Chairman of the Board
Kevin Guzman
International Networker
Zuena Mgova
Customer Success Manager
Ari Kaukiainen
Head of Sales and Partnerships
Carita Gjettermann
Super Assistant
Rivo Seim
Project Manager (Devolon)
Oluwatobi Samuel Omisakin
Software Developer (Devolon)


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