SoG Co-Teacher

Artificial intelligence -assisted platform for your learning management

Co-Teacher is a web-based SaaS-platform, built on artificial intelligence provided by IBM Watson. Co-Teacher improves the quality of education while saving schools’ resources by reducing teachers’ workload, allowing them to build a better relationship with their students and decreasing drop-out students in the process.

Co-Teacher works as a middle man between students and teachers by acting as a virtual teaching assistant and study tutor. The platform has various features, including a chatbot for quick information access and text analysis tools for evaluating and grading course assignments. Finally, Co-Teacher’s time- and course management tools help each student create a learning plan that suits their needs.

Co-Teacher Walkthrough Video

Problems that Co-Teacher addresses globally

We have found global similarities in the educational and economic challenges faced by schools, which lead us to developing our scaling solution. The main problems are:

Scarcity of resources and funding
  • Teachers’ increased workload: more routine-based work
  • Less time for developing teaching methods & course contents
  • Less time for personally guiding students
Growing student populations
  • Over-sized classrooms
  • Demand for personalized and cost-efficient education
  • Prolonged study times and more drop-out students
Intelligent course management tools

Inside Co-Teacher’s course management area, teachers can set automated reminders, questionnaires and assignments for students. Course feedback, midterm evaluations and learning analytics can all be done easily on the platform. In this way, Information about the learning experience and progress can flow between student and teacher with little effort and no delays.

Supported by IBM Watson’s natural language processing, Co-Teacher can read and summarize texts, assignments and academic materials. With a quick glance, teachers can pre-evaluate essays and students can search for references to use in their assignments.

Co-Teacher is integrated with major learning management systems, which allows data to move seamlessly between the platforms. Co-Teachers functions can be accessed through the existing LMS used by your school.

Chatbot for student support

Co-Teacher’s chatbot offer instant access to relevant information related to studies. Available online, students can get information wherever and whenever they need it, without the restrictions of office hours. Easy access to information keeps students motivated, helps them graduate on time and leads to fewer drop-outs. Machine learning algorithms allow chatbot to adapt to the context of each school and interaction to provide personalized support to every student.

Social Development of AI

The platform’s AI learns from the feedback of both teachers and students. Students suggest improvements to the responses they receive, which are in turn validated by teachers. In this way, Co-Teacher improves with each interaction, becoming increasingly better at independently managing course implementations and counselling students.

Use Cases

For teachers

Co-Teacher decreases the amount of routine-based work in teaching, enabling teachers to spend more time with their students and develop their pedagogy. Co-Teacher offers more individual insights by visualizing each student’s progress, detecting the ones in danger of falling behind. In this way, Co-Teacher allows the right support to find the right student before problems have a chance to compound.

Because course feedback can be collected and processed easily and quickly, teaching can be adjusted even while the course is still underway. This dialogue ensures that teachers are always up-to-date about their students’ needs.

For students

Co-Teacher offers tools for general study management to help students stay on their planned study track and graduate on time. Co-Teacher improves transparency by offering counsel and access to information on-demand. Questions about topics like course contents and student exchange options are quickly resolved and motivation is preserved.

Co-Teacher allows students to see their personal progress and motivates them through virtual rewards. Co-Teacher also enables students to learn socially by connecting students into peer-groups, accelerating the learning process for everyone involved

MOOCs and other online courses

The platform can be used to run courses completely online with a high level of automation. Courses can then be offered to larger groups of students without a corresponding increase in costs or compromises in quality. Co-Teacher guides students through the course with reminders and counsel to ensure completion of the course on time.

B2B trainings: SoG Co-Trainer

We are currently developing an application for managing corporate trainings. SoG Co-Trainer is an AI-assisted LMS that offers automation and e-learning tools for training managers and learners. Co-Trainer automates managerial tasks in trainings while also tracking progress and impact. With Co-Trainer businesses can keep their employees’ expertise up to date.

If you are interested in becoming a piloting partner for our product, don’t hesitate to contact us! By piloting with us you make give feedback for the lean development of Co-Trainer and unlock future benefits of our piloting partners.

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