SoG Co-Teacher

Artificial intelligence assisted SaaS platform for managing education

Co-Teacher is a web-based SaaS platform, built on artificial intelligence provided by IBM Watson. Co-Teacher increases the quality of education by allowing teachers to spend more time with students while giving cost savings to schools by reducing teachers’ workload and decreasing drop-out students.

Co-Teacher works as a middle-man between students and teachers by acting as a virtual teaching assistant and study tutor. Co-Teacher contains various features including planing and managing studies, chatbot for quick infromation access, and evaluating course assignments.

For teachers

Co-Teacher's functionalities decreases teachers' routine based work and enables them to spend more time with students and to develope pedagogy. Co-Teacher offers more visibility by showing how students are progressing in their studies and what kind of help or motivation they need to keep on their studies on the rails.

For students

Co-Teacher offers help in managing studies to keep on the planned study track and to graduate on time. Co-Teacher helps students with their questions about course content and study planning. Co-Teacher allows students to follow their progress in their studies and motivates them through virtual rewards. Co-Teacher also enables students to learn socially by pairing or grouping students together which accelerates the learning process.

Problems that Co-Teacher addresses globally

We have found global similarities in educational and economical challenges that schools face and we have produced scaling solution to address these problems. The main problems are:

Scarcity of resources and funding
  • Teachers’ increased workload: more routine-based work
  • Less time for developing pedagogy
  • Less time for guiding students
Growing student population
  • Oversized classrooms
  • Need for personalized and cost-efficient education
  • Increased study times and numbers of drop-out students