My name is Roberto Guzman and I teach English to non-native speakers, ESL. This has been my occupation and passion for nearly 30 years now, and at the moment I am a full professor at the Aguadilla campus of the University of Puerto Rico. I teach a variety of English courses from basic undergraduate levels all the way to advanced composition classes. During these past years many things have changed in my field of education. Although the need for mastering the English language is still very much the same, the context in which this education exists has evolved.

As teaching resources become more limited, the demand for these language skills has only increased. In other words, at a moment in which more and more students of all ages need to master ESL skills there are less economical resources to meet these needs. Thus, there is great pressure on educators and institutions to find a way to reach and retain these students while staying within their financial constraints.

Co-Teacher allows students to get the help they need regardless of their physical location or time of day.

Roberto Guzman, University of Puerto Rico

In this historical context, I feel Shoulders of Giants’ Co-Teacher is without question the future of language acquisition instruction. Here we have a technology that allows students to interact with a system that helps them to develop their language skills in a way that adjusts to their specific needs, at their specific pace at their convenience. Co-Teacher allows students to get the help they need regardless of their physical location or time of day.

It allows them to partake in student-to-student interaction and develop self-organizing learning. This newfound freedom lowers the levels of anxiety and thus minimizes the temptation to drop out of a class or even program. Since Co-Teacher allows any given educator to work with a larger number of students it also allows institutions to maximize their human resources and at the same time save money.

I am convinced that AI, Artificial Intelligence, will do for language education what it is already doing in other fields of human endeavor. It will empower students, educators and institutions so they can help many more students reach their full potential, reduce dropout rate and stay within tight budgets. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this amazing program.

To hear more of Roberto’s philosophy behind language education, watch his Ted-talk in Youtube: