Our Team

Employees are encouraged through Autonomy and Empowerment to become Giants in their work.

Elja-Ilari Suhonen

Position: Head of R&D and Innovations Email: elja.suhonen@shouldersofgiants.fi

Elja is purpose-driven individual who doesn't leave any opportunity for self-development unturned either in business or in his personal life. His way of working is collaborative and coaching-oriented which means that he loves to passionately share his know-how and insights to colleagues around him, not only to accelerate collective learning but also to push the potential of people around him to the next level. As a leader Elja believes that EQ overrules IQ. In his free-time he enjoys wide variety of hobbies from making music to reading books and doing sports.

Marjanah Sadiq

Position: Chief Operating Officer Email: marjanah.sadiq@shouldersofgiants.fi

Expert on international business. Leadership and management as core of her heart when it comes to business development.

Ari Kaukiainen

Position: Head of Sales and Partnerships Email: ari.kaukiainen@shouldersofgiants.fi

Ari Kaukiainen has been working with various sales projects both in Finland and internationally. Ari is a startup enthusiast and he has earlier experience in working for startups. In his spare time Ari teaches freediving and dabbles with music.

Imran Khan

Position: Head of International Sales Email: Imran.khan@shouldersofgiants.fi

Over a decade working for Top inc companies for US/Uk/Nordic & Singapore market, now Imran is leading our Head of International Sales and growth globally. Loves having coffee throughout the day.

Joona Tontti

Position: CPO Email: joona.tontti@shouldersofgiants.fi

A genuinely enthusiastic self-developer, always seeking for ways to improve himself or the lives of others. Studies Computer Science at the University of Tampere and applies the latest knowledge and know-how immediately to his work. Enjoys reading and drawing in his free-time.

Johannes Jolkkonen

Position: Marketing Manager Email: johannes.jolkkonen@shouldersofgiants.fi

An engineering student in Lappeenranta University of Technology, Johannes believes effective communication skills are a key aspect in life – whether professional or personal. Now he is using these skills in our marketing, with an aim in the future to become a back-end development professional in Machine Learning. Outside of the office, Johannes balances his spare time between salsa dancing, Wing Chun -kung fu and drawing.